WAKEFOIL Original Complete Package



See why WAKEFOIL® offers the best Hydrofoil in the Industry Advantages

Product Description

The WAKEFOIL® Complete Package is everything you need to change the game and Elevate Your Ride this summer! It comes fully loaded with the WAKEFOIL® board, a 2 ft mast (the perfect size for learning to fly, and the only size for surfing), low aspect front and rear wings that will get you up on the foil and on plane in a matter of seconds, the incredibly strong and aerodynamic alloy fuselage that holds your jet plane together securely, and of course, all the hardware you need to set this baby up! Last but not least, this package also includes the wing covers that are critical for protecting your hydrofoil wings and precious boat vinyl while storing your new setup. WAKEFOIL®: the best in hydrofoil boards.

  • 139 cm Board
  • WAKEFOIL® 2 ft Mast
  • Front Wing
  • Rear Wing
  • Fuselage
  • Wing Covers
  • Hardware Kit
  • Hex Tool