WAKEFOIL Board 139cm



See why WAKEFOIL® offers the best Hydrofoil in the Industry Advantages

Product Description

The WAKEFOIL® Board is perfect for all ages. The thrill of flying over water is a wild sensation that never lets up. Hydrofoiling allows you to take flight and soar high above the water. With WAKEFOIL®, you’re getting only the best hydrofoil craft on the water. The board design is built for excellence. The 139 cm size is just the right dimension for taking flight no matter your size, and is the premium length for lift-off and optimum control. The sturdy wood core has a sleek, low volume profile, enhancing the aerodynamics—there’s no doubt you’ll grin from ear to ear as you slice through the air on the fastest hydrofoil around. The directional rocker shape enhances the ease of lift-off, providing an upward flair on the rails and added length and width in the nose. And finally, the spoon-like shape of the nose is built to deter the board from pearling under the water’s surface, and ensures a soft landing when returning to the surface.


  • 139 cm WAKEFOIL® Board