WAKEFOIL Wing Covers



See why WAKEFOIL® offers the best Hydrofoil in the Industry Advantages

Product Description

WAKEFOIL® Wing Covers are indispensable when it comes to caring for your hydrofoil wings and your boat. They should be put in place whenever you’re not riding to protect the foil wings from damage, as well as the boat you’re riding in. Hydrofoiling is the closest you can get to taking flight without leaving earth. WAKEFOIL® is the industry standard, soaring above the rest in hydrofoil technology and design. Elevate your ride today.

NOTE: The Complete WAKEFOIL® Package and Foil Set come with Wing Covers.


  • Padded front and rear wing pockets, shaped to fit securely around each wing to provide added protection.
  • Clip that allows your to attach the front and rear pocket together.