WAKEFOIL SS AK 4-6 Complete Package



See why WAKEFOIL® offers the best Hydrofoil in the Industry Advantages

Product Description

The WAKEFOIL Surf Series pro-model board, by Austin Keen is a radical new foil design, unparalleled in innovation. Lifting at the lowest speeds and maintaining hold at the fastest, the new Surf Wings are a true revolution for foil fun. This foil is designed for maximum stability and handling, giving the rider unlimited control and opportunity to defy industry norms. Whether its riding the 3rd swell back behind the boat, leaving your wake to hijack another’s, or paddling into an otherwise un-surfable ocean swell, the AK 4-6 opens up opportunities for a whole new riding experience! With this system, not only are you fully equipped with the renegade of all foils, but the new AK 4-6 also comes with track plugs and fins to turn your foil set up into a wake surfing machine. A foil to ride behind any boat, in any water and weather conditions, and an incredible pro model surfer to ride when you just can’t say no to that perfect behind the boat barrel. What’s not to love? The WAKEFOIL SS AK 4-6 does it all, and you will definitely want to have it in your arsenal this season!


    • WAKEFOIL SS Fins
    • WAKEFOIL SS Track Plugs
  • WAKEFOIL SS Foil Set
    • WAKEFOIL SS 24in Mast
    • WAKEFOIL SS Surf Wing Set
    • WAKEFOIL SS Aluminum Alloy Fuselage
    • WAKEFOIL SS Wing Covers
    • WAKEFOIL SS Hardware Kit
    • Grease to be used on screws during assembly