See why WAKEFOIL® offers the best Hydrofoil in the Industry Advantages

Product Description

Ready to tune up your ride? The WAKEFOIL® Foil System is precision-made, and the perfect replacement setup for tuning up your ride. Ready to get going? You’re ready to ride with the 2 ft hydrofoil mast, which has everything you need to learn to fly and start hydrofoiling. WAKEFOIL®’s hydrofoil technology puts us on the cutting edge. The low aspect front and rear wings will get you up on the foil and on plane in a matter of seconds. They’re constructed to be incredibly strong, and the aerodynamic alloy fuselage holds your jet plane together securely. And, of course, we include all the hardware you need to secure the foil system together, as well as wing covers to keep your boat protected.


  • WAKEFOIL® 2 ft Mast
  • Front Wing
  • Rear Wing
  • Fuselage
  • Wing Covers
  • Necessary Hardware